Motion – Freeze & Blur

Blurry Motion

Last weekend I was filming a wedding in Sacramento, California. The day after the wedding I decided to drive around this nature park in Sacramento called the Effie Yeaw Nature Center. I decided to take pictures of the Sacramento River so I set up my tripod and when I took the first picture it was way to blurry. So on my camera I used a remote so I don’t touch the camera at all to take the picture and the picture came out pretty well. I also used a Neutral density filter to let less light through the lens while having a slower shutter speed during the day time since F/22 was still very bright getting the exposure correct.

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  f/22, 1/5″sec; Natural Lighting

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  f/22, 1/5″sec; Natural Lighting


Freeze Motion

While at the nature center I saw a butterfly. I am not sure what breed it is but it was very hard to capture while since it was fast. I took a few attempts at the shutter speed but I either had a blurry butterfly or I keep on missing it on the frame. Also while walking around the nature center I saw a Turkey as well. The turkey was moving around a lot and I didn’t know when it will stay still so with a higher shutter speed, wider aperture , and higher ISO I was able to get a decent looking shot of it.

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  F4.5, 1/2000 sec, iso: 800

Yeaw Nature Center: 5/5/2019  F4.0, 1/1000 sec, iso: 1000



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