DEPTH – Deep & Shallow


Traveled to California again for another wedding to film but I was able to get a few shots during my down time over the weekend traveling to Elk Grove Park in Sacramento, and taking pictures of my girlfriends energetic dog name Kirby, also before my travels this past weekend I was able to capture a few shots on the campus as well. I love Deep and Shallow Depth of Field. It really gives the characteristics of the picture and enhances the emotional aspect as well.

Shallow Depth: 

5/10/19 | 50mm | F/1.8| ISO 100

5/12/19 | 72mm| F/4.0| ISO 400

Deep Depth:

5/12/19 | 24mm | F/18 | ISO 500

5/10/19 | 55mm | F/22| ISO 600


4 thoughts on “DEPTH – Deep & Shallow

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  1. Good job! The sky in both of your deep focus images looks really well exposed. How much of that was post-processing? Also, I really like the flowers, though I feel like it could be a bit more in focus. I’ve run into a problem before where I couldn’t focus close enough on an object because the lens only focuses so close. Was that the case here?


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