Bannack – Creative

Here are my creative photos from the Bannack trip on Tuesday. Getting these shots really made me feel more connected with my camera and it gave me a better understanding on how to balance light through the camera using iso, shutter speed,  and aperture.


Had to capture a picture that tells a story. Not going to explain much about the picture. I would rather have the viewer figure it out them selfs.


Since it rained earlier during the day I was able to take a picture of the window and focused on the little drops of water on it.


Had a group member sit on a chair and then took another photo with out the chair and her for a clean slate. This photo took a while to mask since I had to consider masking not just the chair out but also the shadow that the chair was casting.


For this shot I set the shutter speed very low about 5 seconds and had my friend sit on the piano and then walk out of frame to create this pretty neat effect.


With the gun prop I had for my conceptual shot I decided to create a add for a gun store. Had to skew the wording to match with the angle of the picture.


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