Bannack – Portraits

Here are my potrait shots from the Bannack trip! What a great experience especially the models where so much fun and easy to work with in posing them and getting the shots!

Auxiliary Lighting:

This first photo was taken with an external flash. I had someone hold the flash out of frame on the right so when I took the picture his face isn’t in the shadows. Also it gives me an opportunity to be able to get some of the gloomy sky in the background.


This next photo was taken with a speed light. The room was very dark and it was a struggle trying to get the flash speed not to fast with the light especially there were other photographers around me and it kept on triggering the other flashes. But I do enjoy the harsh shadows that brings the picture to life.



For this photo I wasn’t really sure what light I used but it was a steady light with a softbox on it. The power was really low but it gave a cool effect on his glasses. But I just ended up creating a bracket on this photo. Really enjoy the look the model is portraying.


This photo was accomplished by using a reflector. The reflector was white and this photo was taken when the clouds cleared up so the lighting was getting a bit stronger. But with the reflector on the bottom right of the model really helped getting an even lighting.


For this shot we were having trouble with the flash with many attempts so I just ended up using my camera’s internal bracketing. There wasn’t that much color editing that was used in this photo. Most of the colors was straight from the camera internal program doing it automatically.







– exposing for the sky without flash

– exposing for the subject without flash

– practice shot with flash on

– Final shot with balance exposure with flash

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